During my study time at Copenhagen Business Academy’s multimediadesign course, I’ve had some great experiences learning about the various different subjects that the course wants us to learn.

My goal was to primarily learn and expand my knowledge in the subject of the Company and interaction development as well as communication. In the Company class, we learned how to perform a brainstorm in various different ways using different kinds of models to do so, like mindmapping and the lotus model. With the commincation lectures, we learned the first steps to ensure some of the most important parts about a message, and how to get it across as intended, for example by first determining who the stakeholders are and in what way they impact the business. I’ve used these methods extensively throughout the projects that I have worked on at Copenhagen Business Academy, especially in team based group work.

I must say that I have indeed reached my goals, but not to the extend that I wanted to. That will be a reality eventually however, because after all, we only just started class, it’s the first semester, and only two weeks have passed.